Final project: A good README is more important than a pristine codebase

Your is where you flex your technical guns.

Recruiters (usually) aren’t coders. They hand your resume to an engineer to approve or reject for an interview. The difficult part here is that engineering time is extremely valuable. Make it as easy as possible to see your best code. Don’t make the engineer navigate through app/frontend/components/profile/userprofile.jsx:line 147 to see a code sample. Put any clever database schema decisions in your readme, add snippets of fancy queries to your readme, add code samples you’re proud of to your readme.

This highlights your best code. Having seen some code snippets, an engineer is far less likely to browse your repository and stumble on your garbage code. Note: go refactor your garbage code.

If you added a cute feature that probably won’t be seen by employers (for example, a text box that changes a post’s font size after a certain character count has been reached), turn it into a .gif and add it to the readme.

I went all out with the readme for my final project. Yours probably doesn’t need to be as ADD with the animations, but feel free to take some inspiration from it.

One thought on “Final project: A good README is more important than a pristine codebase

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