State of the Bootcamp

A friend recently considered enrolling in a bootcamp and asked me for some input on my experience. Five months ago I would have raved about the wonderful people I met, the volume of information I digested, and the quality of my portfolio when the program was said and done. Today, after seeing so many bootcamps in the news going through acquisitions and changing their business models, I had to be more careful in how much praise I heap onto bootcamps.

The thoughts below are not well researched, and mostly just a stream of consciousness from media coverage and conversations with recent graduates. The bootcamp was definitely worth it for me and the rest of my cohort; all of us got jobs relatively quickly and we were getting paid well above the advertised average salary. Please research your programs and check employment status of recent graduates to vet your own bootcamps before committing to a substantial amount of debt.

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Budgeting for a bootcamp

The $15,000 or $18,000 price tag advertised on a bootcamp’s website can be misleading when you’re trying to sort out your finances. Make sure you understand exactly how much you need to save before quitting your job and committing to a new career. Getting this step correct will avoid so much stress, as you’ll know exactly how big of a runway you have.

Most people will calculate living expenses for the 12-week duration of the bootcamp and forget to factor in the job search period which can be just as long.

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